House Unicron Welcomes You

House Unicron became an entity in being in December of 2015, when experienced kinksters _Unicron_ and Sparrow joined with a former slave of _Unicron_ under a united House crest. In the ensuing time, members have been added, removed and considered. Today, _Unicron_ is not actively seeking additional members for the House, preferring to focus His…

If You Understand This Quote, You (Sort Of) Understand Dominance

“Leadership means firmness, not harshness or bullying; understanding, not weakness; justice, not irresponsible freedom; humaneness, not intolerance; generosity, not selfishness; pride, not egotism.” –General Omar Bradley

J.S. Wayne delves into this quote and explores how it equates to Dominance, as well as the difference between leadership and management!

Why I Chose This Life

A recurring question I get, both from people outside my House and those within it, is: WHY DO YOU DO IT? As a starting blog post for the updated House Unicron site, this seems like a pretty goddamn good starting point. It’s a BIG question, and one which carries a much heavier load than such…